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2015-05-29 17:04:12 * BusError is paid to work on Marlin BTW...
2015-05-29 17:04:33 <BusError> OMFG OMFG OMFG is all I can really say. 3 years ago it was a nightmare, now it's even worse :>
2015-05-29 17:05:29 <darkling> You knew how bad it was, and you *still* took the job?
2015-05-29 17:05:42 <darkling> Hoist with your own petard, I'd say. ;)
2015-05-29 17:06:41 <BusError> I'm actually payed to port a modern marlin to my simreprap thingy... which is way cool. however, I had to dive a bit into Marlin, and OMFG
2015-05-29 17:07:13 <BusError> C++ programmers should all be shot, then hung, then taught LOGO and then shot into the sun or something
2015-05-29 17:08:12 <darkling> There's nothing actively wrong with C++ per se. It's a language I've used a lot and got on with quite well.
2015-05-29 17:08:15 <BusError> You know what to do when you have trouble compiling with -Wall darkling ? well, you add -w at the end o the compile line, it makes it ALL BETTER, suppresses the hundreds of critical warning -- handy
2015-05-29 17:09:03 <darkling> But, like most OO languages, it's not always obvious (or easy) thow to map your problem to the OO paradigm, and that usually leads to dreadful code.
2015-05-29 17:09:06 <BusError> Oh yeah, I didn't say theres anything wrong with C++ per so, it's a C++ programmer problem here :-)
2015-05-29 17:09:39 <BusError> nah theres also a lot of complete cluelessness.. 'compiler will make it all better' syndrom
2015-05-29 17:10:26 <darkling> People have been waiting for a sufficiently-clever compiler for about 40 years.
2015-05-29 17:10:29 <darkling> (In all languages)
2015-05-29 17:12:15 <darkling> There's a great chapter in Stroustrup about how to implement efficient portable delayed-evaluation numerics libraries in C++, but you have to work for it, not just leave it to the compiler.
2015-05-29 17:29:16 <BusError> In this particular case, I think they don't realize at all that they run on an 8 bits processor. Floats everywhere...
2015-05-29 17:29:44 <BusError> also, 'int' everywhere, they don't seem to realize 'int' is not native on the AVR, it's 2 bytes (2 registers)
2015-05-29 17:29:57 <darkling> "issall jus' nummers, innit?"
2015-05-29 17:30:20 <BusError> yarp
2015-05-29 17:31:15 <BusError> signed 16 bits int for cursor in a 128 bytes circular buffer hmmm. saved 30% of the cycles in the uart handler by just changing it to uint8_t